Galeries du Diamant


The world's first HRD Antwerp "Centre of exellence" now open in Paris


HRD Antwerp has chosen Paris to be the home of the world's first HRD Antwerp Centre of Excellence, because of the prestige, credibility and visibility associated with the city.

The “Centre of Excellence” designation is liberally applied to organisations that help a business gain deep insight into its products, services, customers and market initiatives, and consequently tweak its strategies for maximum effectiveness and business benefit. Strategically placed in worldwide locations, these stores are showcasing the best that the brand has to offer, and are being used as testing grounds for innovation and experimentation.

In addition to guiding our customers in buying just the perfect diamond, our HRD Antwerp Centre of Excellence will also host master classes and conferences as well as having a team of diamond experts ready on location to provide professional training and advice.

Why Paris ?

“Why Paris ? HRD Antwerp and Galeries Du Diamant share the same values. We aim for perfection, delivering the highest quality in all our products and services. Loyal to our reputation for excellence, accuracy and integrity and because of our extensive know-how we have in common with our selected partners in Paris. This flagship and shop-in- shop strategy is the first step in new partnerships with retailers that share HRD Antwerp’s high quality standards thus creating a proactive vehicle for high profile expansion.”

Peter Macken, CEO of HRD Antwerp.


HRD Antwerp offers attractively designed in-store tools to inspire confidence in both the diamonds that customers are considering buying and in the retailer who sells diamonds.