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Rough diamond course - HRD Antwerp Diamond Courses

Introduction to Sorting and Planning of Rough Diamonds




Max. 16


2 weeks


French, English

A 2- week course that learns you how to sort a pile of rough diamonds into different categories, according to various criteria such as size, colour, clarity and morphology.

Sawables and makeables will have no secrets anymore. The course focusses on practice with a sound theoretical background.

Additionally you will learn how to maximize the yield of a polished diamond starting from the rough and how the Sarin (Cut) can help you make the best decision. How to calculate rough diamond prices will be shared as well. After passing the practical test, you are ready for a career in the rough diamond industry.

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Duration 3 weeks (Antwerp), 3-4 weeks (worldwide)
Requirements Min. 18 years
No previous diamond experience is required
Number Of Attendants Max 12
Target Group Rough diamond sorters, diamond manufacturers, traders, appraisers, jewellers.
Course Content
  • How to handle rough diamonds (weighing, counting, sieving, listing, store….)
  • Exercise on quality – size – shape/models – colour –cleaving, sawing and polishing possibilities
  • Diamond morphology
  • Diamond geology and mining
  • How to maximize the value of rough diamonds
  • Rough-to-polished conversion processes, using different techniques with pro’s and con’s based on quality and size of rough diamonds
  • Rough diamond planning : theory and practice
  • Understand variables when using price lists
  • Visit of a diamond polishing factory
  • Final examinations
Course Hours Daily from 8.45 am to 4.45 pm
Lunch break from 12.30 pm till 1.30 pm.
Morning and afternoon coffee breaks.
Examination Practical exam (last day 9 AM – 12.30 PM)
Diploma “HRD Antwerp Introduction to sorting and planning of rough diamonds” Certificate
Yours To Keep Diamond course book