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Ruby, sapphire and emerald - HRD Antwerp Gemmology Courses

From Basic to Advanced: become the HRD Antwerp Certified Gemmologist




Max. 12


5 days to 3 weeks


French, English

During these courses you’ll investigate the properties of diamonds and gemstones using specialized tools and learn how to distinguish synthetic from natural gemstones (ruby, sapphire, emerald and more).

Gemology Basic
3 weeks (Antwerp) | 2 – 4 weeks (Worldwide) Max. 12 English

Discover HRD Antwerp Gemmology course in association with Geoffrey Dominy, author of the “Handbook of Gemmology”. A well respected gemmologist with an aptitude for providing detailed and clear information. The photos of the well- illustrated book are from Tino Hammid, an internationally renowned photographer.

The study of gemmology investigates all the properties of diamonds and precious stones. Students who delve into gemmology find themselves in an exciting new world of observation and investigation of beauty and science. HRD Antwerp trains students to identify gemstones using specialized tools and instruments and will teach different types of inclusions with the aid of a gemmological microscope. You will learn how to distinguish synthetic from natural gemstones (ruby, sapphire and emerald and other important varieties).

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Gemology Advanced
3 weeks (Antwerp) | 2 – 4 weeks (Worldwide) Max. 12 English

This course enables you to obtain in-depth knowledge of the classification of all the different varieties of gemstones. You will learn to identify treated and synthetic gems and will practice with lots of actual gems to develop your identification skills. You will be able to examine optical and physical properties of rare and uncommon gem varieties. HRD Antwerp instructors/lecturers will initiate you in a detailed analysis of natural gems, focusing on the origin of rubies, sapphires and emeralds.

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If you pass the theoretical and practical test you will be the proud owner of an HRD Antwerp Gemmologist diploma. (You can proudly call yourself an HRD Antwerp Gemologist).

Gemmology Practice Week
5 days Max. 12 English

You followed a gemmology course some time ago ? Never heard about golden sheen sapphire or about the new generation of cobalt-treated sapphire?
The practice week of gemmology allows students to review and update their knowledge. Using the refractometer, the polariscope and all the others relevant instruments, the students will be able to improve their levels of competence regarding the identification of gems and to rediscover the wide variety of existing gemstones. Personalized feedback is given by the teachers to improve the quality of the analysis.

It is necessary to have followed the Basic and Advanced Gemology courses in order to enroll in this course.

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Organic and Opaque Gems
4 days Max. 12 English, French

This 4-day course on organic and opaque gems is taught by Chloe Sarasola, expert gemmologist and diamond grader. She’s founder of Nasoha, where she shares her passion for gemstones, diamonds, minerals, and natural products.

In this course, which is a perfect extension of the HRD Antwerp Gemmology course trajectory, you will learn about the history of organic and opaque gems and worldwide important and well-known gems. How to identify organic and opaque gems and how to detect natural gems from imitations and synthetics, through theory and practice, is the main focus of this course. There will be some time dedicated especially to Coral and Amber. After a short test to conclude the course, you will have earned the “Organic and Opaque Gems” participation attest.