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HRD Antwerp officially inaugurated its first Flagship Store in Paris

HRD Antwerp has made its debut on the Paris scene. It has done so with a level of elegance and flair that proves the company is right at home in the city of light, love, and fashion. On 23 June 2016 HRD Antwerp inaugurated its flagship store in partnership with Galeries du Diamant in Paris. It was done in the presence of the Belgian Ambassador to France, H.E. Vincent Mertens de Wilmars, and Peter Macken, the CEO of HRD Antwerp. As the location of HRD Antwerp’s first flagship store, Galeries du Diamant plays a unique role both in representing the brand’s prestige and quality and educating the public about the products that HRD Antwerp has to offer.

HRD Antwerp inauguration

CEO Peter Macken has confirmed that there are plans for future locations for many upscale shopping destinations throughout Europe, the Middle East, and China, but Paris was a first stop. For Mr. Macken, the reason is self-evident: “We aim for perfection, delivering the highest quality in all our products and services.”. He believes that “the extensive know-how we have in common with our selected partners in Paris” is the best way to make that perfection a reality. The president and owner of Galeries du Diamant seconds Mr. Macken’s fervor. He does it by explaining that “we aim to promote Antwerp diamonds, and that is why we have opened a diamond and jewelry shop in Paris to sell exclusively HRD Antwerp certified diamonds.”. On a more personal note, he adds, “we are very proud to be the first retailer with an HRD Antwerp flagship store in the world today.”

Inauguration of HRD Antwerp

Luxury and excellence in its purest form

The word “flagship” itself sums up much of what HRD Antwerp is aiming for in this new venture. The distinction implies that the store is designed to meet the highest possible standards of luxury and excellence. The sophistication of the store’s design, along with its prominent location in the Opera district, will allow it to become a landmark for the company. As Mr. Macken himself has noted, “nothing creates an instantly powerful brand presence in a city, state or country like a flashy unveiling of a flagship store.”. Galeries du Diamant has the perfect location to attract maximum traffic. Especially from those seeking the most upscale shopping experiences of Paris. Paris landmarks like the Galeries Lafayette, Printemps, the Place Vendôme, and the Opera Garnier are mere blocks away– and the Haussmann-Saint-Lazare train station very close by as well

Building a trustful relationship with customers

Another very practical reason to establish a location in a prominent place like Paris is simply the advantage of attracting potential buyers to an actual physical location. Like many other products and services, purchasing jewelry online more and more regularly. At the very least, customers are doing more research online prior to buying a product on location. While this may be convenient for consumers, it removes or delays a helpful and often essential part of the buying process: the opportunity to interact with a professional who has product expertise. It is exquisite when a customer has the opportunity to make a connection with a knowledgeable diamond expert. It increases customer trust, and as a natural extension, brand loyalty.

Opening of HRD Antwerp flagship store in Paris
The image of Galeries du Diamant has greatly enhanced its own level of prestige as a result of its partnership with HRD Antwerp. It now serves as a drop-off point and diamond education center as well as a professional diamond store. Attractively designed in-store tools help the customer gain confidence in both the products and the diamond experts on site.

Clean, symmetrical designs and state-of-the-art technology are present at every turn. Having a name like HRD Antwerp backing up the diamonds at Galeries du Diamant is hugely beneficial. Not only for the store itself, but it is also beneficial for the customers. It ensures that they can trust the diamonds they are purchasing. In addition, they can be assured that they are getting them at the best possible value. HRD Antwerp and Galeries du Diamant are optimistic about the future of their partnership in Paris. Between its visibility and its possibilities for innovation, the future of the flagship store on the Rue Mogador is looking bright.

HRD Antwerp inauguration
Inauguration HRD Antwerp
HRD Antwerp

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