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How To Customize Your Engagement Ring From Scratch, With Galeries du Diamant

There is much debate revolving around diamonds, mostly concerning the exorbitant prices they often are sold for and their origins, just as often spotted with blood. For these two reasons mainly, getting a big diamond fit for your finger to honor your engagement has started to be regarded as an old-fashioned custom. Fortunately, there are some names in the industry that went full-in and chose the game-changer road. One among all is Galeries du Diamant in Paris.

As founder Charles Ziegler’s motto goes, “A diamond is the naked beauty of nature. A brand adds nothing to your experience of its power except cost.” And Galeries du Diamant seems to be pretty serious about it. As their story goes, they describe themselves as ‘expert diamond dealers from Antwerp, specialist cutters and jewellery designers’. The rough diamonds are bought from small South American and African producers after an accurate selection. This selection is made keeping the Kimberley Process in mind, which doesn’t allow any kind of exploitation to be part of the extraction process.

Proficiently cut by hand and certified, the diamonds are shipped to Paris and offered to the willing customers eliminating all intermediaries. And this is how your hand can be easily jeweled, in one of these two ways:

Made To Measure

After an accurate selection of your diamonds and ring, you can watch the jewelers literally creating your ring-to-be, made to fit your personality and style.


If you want to take personalization one step forward, you can me teamed up with in-house jewellery designers to create your totally customized, one-of-a-kind piece from scratch.

As wedding season is just around the corner, you better book your tickets to Paris and make it one hell of a sparkling experience. Check the gallery to see some of the signature creations by Galeries du Diamant and how their services work.

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Colored Diamonds by Galeries du Diamant

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