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Understanding Diamond Grading Certificates – Why Are They Important

Diamond rings cheap: The value of diamonds in the current market is quite high. Diamonds have been used for so many elegant reasons by so many people but even then, telling the quality of a diamond is not always that simple. The rise of diamond grading certificates has however made things better. For people who want to buy diamond rings cheap or even pure diamonds, these certificates are very crucial. Remember that every diamond is unique and its quality determines its value. After all, if you know what you are buying then you will know what its worth.

What Are Diamond Grading Certificates?
A diamond grading certificate is simply a report about a given diamond that is provided by an independent gemological laboratory. In other words, the report simply provides an account of the different attributes of diamond in the gold diamond ring. The main goal of the grading certificates is to know the true quality of a diamond. In addition to this, the certificates are used by people who want to buy diamonds as a measure of quality.
The certificates often play an important role in offering an information base about a given diamond that eventually helps in determining its value and its quality. More importantly, the certificate will map out all the individual and unique characteristics of a diamond. The reports focus on four major things, the Color, the Carat Weight, the Cut, and the Clarity or what many people know as the 4Cs. These are the four factors that are used to distinguish between different diamonds especially when it comes to quality.

Who Issues The Certificates?
As noted above, the grading certificates are issued by gemological laboratories after rigorous tests. There are quite a number of labs in the world but to be honest the Antwerp Based HRD grading certification provider is one of the most trusted in Europe. Leading diamond dealers in Europe including Galeries Du Diamant only deal in HRD certified diamond rings cheap and the level of quality they offer is simply exceptional. HRD has been a major certification provider for years and the lab has continued to set high grading standards and objectivity in issuing certificates. In case you feel you can’t take any chances with your diamonds, buying HRD certified diamonds is very important.

What Is Normally Included In A Grading Certificate
A lot of people in the world have not had too many interactions with diamonds. After all, it’s not every day that you wake up in the morning and say “oh wait, let me grab myself a diamond on my way to work”. Diamonds are costly and dare I say they are always reserved for special people. In that case, 90% of the time many people would often be contemplating to buy a gold diamond ring for the very first time. Understanding the HRD grading certificate is however important and in order to demystify everything, here are some of the things that are normally included in the grading certificates:

The Stone ID - this is normally the unique identification number of the diamond that is uploaded into the diamond trade database.
Date: this is the date the certification report was issued. As a tip, focus on diamonds with the most recent certifications

  • Dimensions – the dimensions are simply the measurements and are often stated as either “Largest Diameter and X depth” or “Smallest Diameter and X depth” for the often common round shaped cuts. For the other shapes, the dimensions are stated as “X length, X width, and X depth”.
  • Cut And Shape – the standard shape for diamonds is round but even then, cuts that are not round are referred to as the fancy cuts or the fancy shapes. There are so many different shapes including round diamonds, heart, pear shaped cuts, marquise, oval, the princess cut, emerald cut, and the radiant cut.
  • Graining – the graining is used to show any visible irregularities in the crystal structure. The aim is to have a colorless graining because it does not affect diamond clarity.
  • Carat weight – it is the standard measure of weight that is used for gemstones. The higher the carats weight the better.
    Finish – this is used to measure the quality of the diamond’s surface. It looks for symmetry in the outline and the polish to determine whether the finish is good enough or not.
  • Polish – this is a measure of the care the cutter has taken is shaping up and faceting the rough stone to transform it into an elegant and finished diamond. The polish needs to be high in order to guarantee good quality.
  • Clarity – the clarity is a measure of the absence of blemishes. The aim for a diamond buyer is to get flawless clarity or something close to that.
  • Color – this is often the color of the diamond especially when compared to the master color diamonds. Different grading gemological laboratories have their own systems of color grading though. In that case, it is important to know about them so that you can make an informed choice.

These are not obviously all things you will get in a diamond grading certificate, there are others. Nonetheless, they are very important in helping you know whether you are buying a quality diamond or not.

Diamond rings cheap: If you want to buy diamond rings cheap that will always make a mark on anyone who sees it, quality is really important. The diamond market as it is has already been flooded with low quality products and knowing how to pick the gem from the rest is really important. The idea of using certified gold diamond ring sellers will come handy. As you can imagine, those dark alley deals especially when it comes to jewelry don’t often go well. So make sure you are buying a HRD certified diamond.

The great thing is that you don’t have to look far to get quality HRD certified diamonds. Galeries Du Diamant, a top diamond dealer in Europe has recently opened its flagship store in Paris. If you're looking for diamond rings cheap - here you can get a remarkable diversity of quality and certified diamonds at different price points.

Featured image: Penelope Tree, Briolette of India diamond hair by Ara Gallant, New York, July 8, 1967.

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