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Buying the Perfect Diamond Ring for Your Engagement – A Simple Guide To Help You

If you are planning on proposing anytime in the future, then perhaps you are already thinking about different ideas on how make this grand. There is no doubt the proposal is one of the most important thing in any relationship and its often the next best thing after the wedding. Well, making your proposal romantic and one to remember can take so many things but believe me, it doesn’t get any better than a diamond engagement ring. Diamonds are classical, elegant and timeless, they have always been traditionally used in engagement rings and you can be sure they will blow your soon to be fiancé away.

There are so many different types of diamond rings. As a buyer, you want to ensure you have something elegant, unique, and more so affordable. In this guide I will take you through some simple steps that will help you pick the right diamond ring for your engagement and ultimately make your proposal as memorable as possible.

Choose A Unique Shape

Most diamonds on sale today are cut into different shapes. However, the most popular choice for an engagement is often the round shape. Although there is nothing wrong with going for a round shaped diamond, it could feel a little bit original if you would also explore other shapes. Round is good but it’s not the only option to go for. In that case, look around before you settle on any shape and see if there is a different shape that could amaze your fiancé. The great thing is that most non-round diamonds tend to be relatively cheaper so if you are tight on cash, you will do well to look at other shapes instead of just going for the traditional often popular round diamond shape on the engagement ring.

The 4Cs Of Diamond Quality

Every diamond is unique and there is no denying that not many things are as beautiful as diamonds. But even then, there are a few factors that may help you to know the real quality of a diamond ring before you buy. I like to refer these factors as the 4Cs, learn more about them here. The most important thing to keep in mind - unless you look for something specific, your diamond has to be eye-clean and white-looking. Only you can decide whether you want a top-notch diamond or a lesser quality stone, but get in touch with us and give us your budget and we will suggest you several stones that fit perfectly.

But then again, you are proposing to your partner so even if you have to spend a little extra to get your diamond ring, it’s definitely worth it. Finally, the cut and the color will also hint as to how good a diamond is. While the color may be something that comes down to personal preferences, the cut is quite important. These are some of the things you need to learn before you hit the market for a diamond engagement ring.

Know her ring size

I have always thought that this is something most guys forget and I understand, you spend years with someone and still you don’t not know her ring size, it happens all the time. But it’s still important to make an effort of knowing her ring size without necessarily hinting out you are about to propose – you don’t really want to ruin the surprise, do you? There are subtle ways you can tell her ring size. To begin with, if she wears jewelry and rings in particular you can use those and to know her size. At the end of the day, you need to go shopping when you are sure of the size. Not so sure? Have no fear, we can resize your ring at no cost.

Talk to us

Doing your homework well can make a huge difference in buying quality diamond rings. You don’t have to do this alone, there is simply too much to know about diamond engagement rings and quite frankly, this is not something you can easily do in a few days or weeks. In light of this, if you feel that perhaps you are finding it hard to get a diamond ring that befits the love you have for your fiancé, just ask us. It will take us around 45 min to 1 h to walk you though all the Do's and Dont's of buying an engagement ring, our goal is helping you take an informed decision about your investment. Additionally, you can talk to people who have proposed before using diamond rings and see what you can learn about their experience.

Photography: Michael David Adams.

Know Her Tastes

While I agree a diamond engagement ring would 9 out of 10 times suffice for any woman, sometimes different women would prefer something different and even perhaps something simpler. No one is denying the elegance and class of a diamond engagement ring but it’s not a thing for everyone. Try and learn your fiancé’s preferences and see if she would be someone to appreciate an expensive and elegant diamond ring. If the answer is yes, what color would she love? What shape will make her happy? What is it about diamonds that she likes the most? What style of jewelry does she wear, simple and classic or fancy and opulent? Ask yourself all these questions before beginning your search and eventually, you will find it easier to buy perfect engagement ring that she truly loves.

Consider the Ring’s style

Diamond is one thing, but what about the ring? An engagement ring is something to keep for so many years and as such, it is also important to select a durable ring style that will outlive the wear and tear of daily life. Gold and platinum are two of the common metals used in diamond rings and they are quite durable. Besides, its only fair for a cut diamond to be accompanied by an equally elegant and well designed ring. My recommendation would be platinum though, I think the metal tends to complement well with diamonds and it will of course last long. But if you feel gold is the way, it’s still a perfect choice. Bear in mind that platinum tends to fetch higher price than gold.

Think about the style, do you already have an idea? Fantastic! No clue? We have your back! Contact us and let's design that ring together!

Buying a quality diamond engagement ring involves so many things and in the end, it is important to get everything right. The simple factors above should really come handy in helping you find and buy a quality diamond ring that will resonate with the tastes and preference of your fiancé.

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